This is our PARENTS INFO HANDBOOK. Your ultimate guide to how it all works at Crazy Feet Dance Studio. Take a good read, so that you’re feeling confident about our policies and what to expect. You can come back here any time you need an answer.

>>>>>Selecting classes


With over 75 classes in our weekly timetable there is literally something for everyone. Crazy Feet is proud to offer a huge variety of styles of dance and performing arts. 2021 brings even more options for our students and exciting new classes to try.


For preschoolers (ages 2 to 5) we offer READY SET DANCE and READY SET BALLET.


Students who are aged between 6 and 18 can do classes in the RECREATIONAL STREAM (stream 1)  or they can choose  to join our PERFORMANCE STREAM (stream 2).


What is the difference???


PERFORMANCE STREAM (Stream two)  is for dance students who are interested in taking their dance training to the next level and wish to learn at an accelerated pace. The students in this program attend classical ballet class and can choose electives to aid their development. They also have the opportunity to be chosen for our competition teams and sit ballet exams.


Classes available include Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical/Contemporary, Acrobatics, Tap, Singing, Musical Theatre.


RECREATIONAL STREAM (Stream one) has been designed for recreational students who want to learn for fun, fitness and social benefits. Through dance and performing arts we develop skills, build confidence and most importantly… have fun.


Classes available include Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical/Contemporary, Acrobatics, Tap, Singing, Musical Theatre and more. There are no set levels for Recreational classes – they are open to everyone regardless of whether or not the student is experienced or starting out as a beginner, and separated by age group. Recreational classes perform just once per year, at the big end of year concert.


We really want to help you find the perfect classes for your children to THRIVE and ENJOY. Please don’t hesitate to give our studio a call on 0467 584 686 or email

To view our 2021 timetable click here

>>>>>Trial classes info

If you wish to experience the class before signing up for the year we offer trial lessons. This is a great opportunity to participate in the class, understand the different styles offered and see what suits you or your child best.


We encourage students to trial lesson more than once to determine if they wish to join. Unless they are in love the 1st trial, then sign them up.  Trial classes have a small fee, $10 for READY SET BALLET, $15 for READY SET DANCE and $20 for any other class. Trial packages for 1 hour classes are available also, 3x trial lessons for $45.

>>>>>Policies and conditions

On the reverse side of our enrolment form there are 3 sections in which you sign. Please read this carefully before signing . If you do not give permission for photos and footage to be used on Crazy Feet’s social media and advertising material, please speak to our reception staff and they can assist you with this.


Please note our enrolment is for the entire year, our cancellation policy to very clear.


>>>>>What to wear?

We know how important it is for parents to keep the costs to a minimum and so we have kept it simple. All Recreational classes  have no set uniform and only require correct foot-ware. For our ballet & younger aged students we have a set uniform that is affordable, long-lasting and easily washable.




The READY SET DANCE and READY SET BALLET uniform is available for purchase at our Crazy Feet shop. The all-in-one leotard tutu is $45, and comes in all sizes.  A READY SET DANCE t-shirt is also available for $25, this is to be worn with black shorts or leggings. Various optional extras are also available for purchase, including  stockings, crossovers, hair bows and a large range of official RSD merchandise.

For READY SET DANCE classes, the students will require tan slip-on Jazz shoes and black buckle Tap shoes. If students do READY SET BALLET as well ballet shoes will replace jazz shoes in this class.

For READY SET BALLET, the girls will require pink Ballet shoes, and boys require black Ballet shoes.

For all of our preschool classes, hair can be tied back in any style, but should be neat and tidy and worn off the face. We recommend a neat ponytail or bun.




Recreational classes  don’t require a specific uniform. It is vital, however, that all students wear appropriate dance attire to ensure that they feel comfortable and are able to move without restrictions. – no jeans, jackets, jumpers, skirts etc. For safety reasons, no jewellery or watches should be worn to class. Hair must be neat and tidy and worn off the face.


We also have exclusive Crazy Feet jackets available to order so that your child can feel part of the team.




PINK LEOTARD WITH SKIRT: Pre primary Primary Ballet/ Jazz/Tap (prep & grade 1 at school)

LILAC LEOTARD: Grade 1 & 2 Ballet/Jazz/Tap (Grade 2-3 at school)

BOYSENBERRY LEOTARD: Grade 3&4 Ballet/Jazz/Tap

PLUM LEOTARD: Grade 5 & 6 Ballet/Jazz/Tap

NAVY LEOTARD: Intermediate & Advanced Ballet

NAVY SKIRT: Required for examination only Inter & Adv Ballet


We also have exclusive Crazy Feet jackets available to order so that your child can feel part of the team.

Hair must be neat and tidy and worn off the face.



JAZZ – tan slip on Jazz shoes (with no laces)

TAP – black Tap shoes

BALLET – pink leather Ballet shoes

HIP HOP – any sneakers

CONTEMPORARY/LYRICAL – Jazz shoes, foot-thongs or bare feet

DRAMA/SINGING – any comfortable footwear (but not thongs or slides)

ACROBATICS – bare feet



Newsletters are emailed regularly. Please make sure that we have the correct email address on file and check your spam settings to ensure you receive all important information.

The majority of the information parents will need to know for the whole year is here on this website on this page. We keep this page up all year so that it can be a reliable source of information for parents to check easily.


Follow us on our social media to get all news alerts and reminders


>>>>>Make up lessons & absences info


If a student has to miss a class because they are sick, the parent can request a make up lesson. This is scheduled for a different session in the timetable – and is subject to availability. Make up lessons are unavailable after August due to the concert rehearsal process. We do not offer credits for missed classes.

If a student is going to be absent we require parents to email us at

In the case of significant injury where a student is unable to dance for longer than 4 weeks, we can issue a credit for those weeks’ fees which can be taken off the fees invoice. This applies ONLY if we are notified in advance by writing, and with a doctor certificate, with details of the number of weeks the child will miss.

>>>>>Changes to enrolment


Students may choose to change or “swap” classes. When SWAPPING classes but staying on the same “pricing package” (ie. number of classes attending), the billing stays the same.


If adding a class and moving to a higher pricing package, a new invoice will be issued, and the total for the term will be adjusted prorate (only being charged for the weeks remaining).


If reducing your child’s enrolment and moving to a lower pricing package, a new invoice will be issued. If a parent has paid upfront for that term but wants to reduce the number of classes, the difference may be credited to the following term for that child.


If cancelling your enrolment completely, and withdrawing as a student at Crazy Feet Dance Studio, the parent MUST email us on declaring they wish to withdraw their enrolment at Crazy Feet Dance Studio and state the student name. Unless we are notified, billing will continue automatically even if the student is not attending, and refunds for missed classes are not available under any circumstances.


You must contact us at least two weeks before the next quarterly invoice is sent. Failure to do so will incur a $50 cancellation fee. With clear communication this cancellation fee is not charged. Mid term cancellation is only permitted with doctor certificate (for illness or injury) or for financial hardship (seperate form needs to be filled out)

>>>>>Student safety and well being

The safety and welfare of all our students is extremely important to us. All of the teachers and directors at Crazy Feet have a current WWCC (working with children check number). Our staff have been trained in First Aid. We have CCTV in all of the classrooms. We have fully sprung floors and teach safe dance practices.

>>>>>Parking info


There’s  ample street parking on Banksia St or through the park on Waratah Ave. During peak times we suggest parking in Waratah Ave, it is just the shortest walk through the park.


On Banksia there are different time restrictions for different areas of the street. Next to the school (on the school side) there are no restrictions​. On Waratah Ave there are no time restrictions.


We ask parents to please be extremely cautious when dropping and picking up your children. Junior school students must be collected from the front door and teachers will not allow them to walk to the car or cafe alone.

>>>>>Holidays 2021


Classes at Crazy Feet run during school terms only. See the term dates below.

Term 1: Saturday 30th January to Thursday 1st April

Term 2: Tuesday 19th April to Friday 25th June

Term 3: Monday 12th July to Friday 17th September

Term 4: Monday 4th October to TBA

>>>>>Fees and accounts info


Our fee structure offers discounts for those doing multiple classes. The more classes that your child is enrolled in, the larger the discount. We also offer a family discount, in which the 2nd/3rd/4th child each receive a 10% discount to their fees.  Please see our full pricing list in our enrolment booklet.


Late fees are automatically incurred to invoices that over 2 weeks late. This late fee increases with each week late.


Part payments can be granted however, you must contact us regarding this and it must be approved by our accounts department. Clients paying this way will only incur late fees if your personal payment plan is breached.

>>>>>End of year concert info


The highlight of every student’s dancing year is their Crazy Feet Concert. For those who are new to our studio, our concert is a massive showcase that all students get the opportunity to perform in.

Why is it so important? This your child’s chance to shine on stage. To perform for their friends and family, and show how much they have improved over the year. Every dancer needs an audience. The Crazy Feet Concerts provide a truly memorable and special stage experience that celebrates the dedication, talent and achievements of every single student.




Tickets to our shows go on sale (online through in October. Ticket prices range from $30 to $60, depending on age category and pensions.

We do our best to keep the price of the concert tickets as low as possible but we need to cover the high costs of the venues and production. Our concerts are large scale productions with state-of-the-art lighting, held in premium venues that provide a truly magical and memorable performance experience for our students, and a spectacular entertaining show for families. Performers do not require a ticket, as they will be supervised backstage throughout the concert




Every performer in any of our end of year concerts can purchase a copy of our concert . This is $55 and includes a HD digital copy of the Crazy Feet Concert Video.




We hold an annual photo day at the studio so that our students can have professional photos taken individually in their awesome costumes. The photo day is on a weekend (Saturday/Sunday) close to the concert. These sessions must be booked through our online booking system (link to book will be sent in Term 4). The photo sessions are limited and always sell out, booking is essential and comes at a small cost to hold your place.




A professional photographer captures onstage moments that are available for online purchase after the concert. These on stage images can be purchased the same way your individual portraits can be purchased.  Shortly after the concert everyone will be sent a link to purchase photographs.

>>>>>Costume hire for concerts


At Crazy Feet the students hire costumes from our in-house costume department. This helps keep costs down and saves parents from spending hundreds of dollars on buying costumes that will end up sitting in a cupboard after being worn once. The costume levy is invoiced in August/September, Term 3 . It is assumed all students are participating in the concert unless we are notified. If you can not participate in the concert we must have notified by email by the 1st week off Term 3.


The costume levy is an “all inclusive” contribution to the costume department and goes towards sourcing new costumes, alterations, mending, wear and tear, cleaning, storing and staff costs.


No refunds (or exchanges between siblings) can be issued for any  costume levies.

>>>>>2021 Calendar


  • Saturday 30th January- Term One commences
  • Monday 8th March- Labour Day (No classes)
  • Friday 26th March- Thursday 1st of April- Term 1 OPEN WEEK
  • Thursday 1st April – Last day of Term One
  • Monday 19th April – Term Two commences
  • Saturday 24th April- Mid year musical audition
  • Wednesday 5th May- Singing school studio performance
  • Sunday 16th May- Day 1 Ballet convention (ballet exam students required to attend)
  • Sunday 23rd May- Day 2 Ballet convention (ballet exam students required to attend)
  • Monday 14th June – Queen’s Birthday (No classes)
  • Monday 21st- Saturday 26th of June- Term 2 OPEN WEEK (Covid permitting)
  • Saturday 26th June – Last day of Term Two
  • Sunday 11th July- FYD Dance competition
  • Monday 12th July – Term Three commences
  • Friday 16th July- Tickets go on sale for Musical & Choreography Competition
  • Sunday 8th August – Mid year musical performance & Choreography competition @ Doncaster Secondary College
  • Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd August – FYD Dance competition
  • Sunday 29th August- Ballet exams for G1 & G2 Ballet
  • Friday 17th September – Last day of Term Three
  • Monday 4th October- Term Four commences
  • Saturday 23rd or Sunday 24th- FYD Dance competition
  • Thursday 11th November- Concert 1
  • Friday 12th November- Concert 2
  • Monday 15th- Saturday 20th November Last week of classes

*Please note that this year the calendar has term One at 9 weeks, and Term Four at 11 weeks. We will be billing each term as 10 weeks, for ease of administration.

>>>>> Our contact info


Studio address is:

14-18 Banksia St


VIC 3125 Australia


Reception hours: (during school terms)

MONDAYS          3:00pm to 8:00pm


TUESDAYS           3:00pm to 8:00pm


WEDNESDAYS      9:00am to 12:00pm,    …and 3:00pm to 8:00pm

THURSDAYS         3:00pm to 7:00pm


FRIDAYS                9:00am to 12:00pm,    …and 3:00pm to 6:30pm

SATURDAYS          8:30am to 2:30pm


PHONE //  0467 584 686




There are different email addresses for different departments at Crazy Feet.


General enquiries and enrolments:


Account matters:

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